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The Outstanding Blogger Award Tag

Firstly let me start by saying thank you to Samantha and Amber at Bibliomavens for the nomination! If you haven’t already checked out their blog then make sure you do, it’s great and you’ll really enjoy it!

Here are the rules for this tag:

  • Have the link to the creator’s original award post
  • Answer the questions provided
  • Create 7 unique questions
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers. Neither the award’s creator nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated
  • At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award
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Questions set by Bibliomavens

What’s the worst book sin you’ve ever committed?

I don’t consider it a sin but I know that a lot of people do so I’m going to say breaking the spine on a book, I just find it so much more comfortable to hold and read.

What’s your favourite book accessory that you own?

My partner gave me a ‘Mum’ bookmark, and as it was the first thing I received after having my daughter that said Mum on it, this bookmark is full of sentimental value and definitely my favourite!

Do you think audiobooks count as reading?

This is a difficult question to answer! Up until recently I would have said absolutely not, however I have read so many great discussion posts on this subject that I must admit my opinion is starting to shift. I want to try out an audiobook and I definitely will at some point, until then I don’t feel qualified to answer.

If you’re a writer do you use writing prompts to get inspiration?

Not in the traditional sense no. I have searched for blog post ideas and suggestions and gained inspiration there though.

If you could rewrite the ending to any book, what would it be?

As beautiful (yet heart breaking) as the ending to A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks is I would definitely rewrite it and have Jamie survive. Whilst there were very personal reasons for why Sparks chose to end the book how he did, I just love a happy ending.

Would you prefer to meet your favourite author or favourite character? Also, who are they and what would you do with them?

Definitely favourite author but I have to cheat a little (sorry!) and answer with two people because I have two favourite authors. So, firstly I would meet Roald Dahl, I’d ask him to take me to see his writing hut and once there I would ask him endless questions about writing, his inspirations, everything really. Roald Dahl fascinates me so I would have to spend the time learning as much as I could from him. Secondly, I would meet Jane Austen. As she wrote often about balls and society gatherings I would have to take her to a modern bar or club just for comparison because I would love to hear her thoughts on it all.

What are you currently reading?

At the moment I’m reading Les MisΓ©rables by Victor Hugo and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I’m really enjoying both!

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My Questions:

  • What was your reason for starting your blog, and does it still follow the same structure now?
  • What is your favourite non-blogging activity?
  • Which of your blog posts is your favourite, and why?
  • What takes the top spot on your list of things that shouldn’t be annoying but really are?
  • 2020 really hasn’t been the best year, but can you share something great that happened to you?
  • If you let someone borrow a book and they returned it with dog ears how would you react?
  • Which book genre do you rarely (if ever) read, and why?

I always try with these tags to include a mixture of blogs that I have enjoyed for a long time, and some great blogs that have recently come to my attention so I’m tagging:

Linda @ Pages and Papers

Stephen @ Stephen Writes

Florence @ Miscellany Pages

Caz @ Mental Health 360Β°

Pooja @ Lifesfinewhine

Laura @ Freedom and Flour

Emer @ A Little Haze Book Blog

Purple Butterflies and Winter Dragonflies


FictionFan @ FictionFan’s Book Reviews

As always there is no obligation to take part, but I look forward to reading your answers if you do!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed!

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Until the next time…Jess x

39 thoughts on “The Outstanding Blogger Award Tag

  1. Absolutely love all of your answers! We would also love to meet Jane Austen. I love that you mentioned taking her to a modern bar or club. I can only imagine what her opinion would be with such different social protocols. Great post and love your blog πŸ™‚ – Amber

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    1. Yes, I’m not really sure how that happened, usually I don’t because for me they take that little extra effort but it just sort of ended up that way. Interesting as well that one is so short where the other is super long! I do plan on reviewing them yes, although Les Mis could be a while off yet πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on this very well-deserved award Jess. I loved your answers, particularly the one about breaking the books’ spines – I’d do the same sometimes but I hated seeing them on my bookshelves.

    Thank you so much for the award tag my little lovely, and I will definitely participate πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the tag Jess, I really enjoyed reading your answers and I’m looking forward to taking part myself! πŸ₯° I agree that Jane Austen is one of my top authors that I would love to meet! X x x

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  4. I have read both Frankenstein and Les Mis- disliked one and loved the other.

    Frankenstein was the required summer reading book for senior year- I was a little more close-minded when it comes to books in high school. I really did not like this book

    Les MisΓ©rables- that, of all the older classics, is my favorite. The musical is where my love for the story began. I developed a obsessive love for the musical, which led to read the unabridged book. Les Mis was the musical that made me start to actually like tragedies, a genre I believed I would never love back in high school

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    1. So far I’m really enjoying both so hopefully I’ll still say the same when I finish them up. I was so intimidated by the size of Les Mis that I put off reading it for ages but it’s such a great book that I wish I had got to it sooner. The book is my first introduction to the story, I haven’t seen any adaptations of it but I have heard great things so I’ll definitely check it out once I’ve finished up reading it. I wonder if your thoughts on Frankenstein would be different if you reread it πŸ€”


      1. Well, in Les Mis’ case, I did have an advantage- I already knew the musical so well. I used that knowledge and ended up applying it to the book. While Les Mis may appear too depressing, it fully isn’t at the same time: it does a wonderful job of really mixing the inspirational and heartbreaking side to it.

        When it comes to the high school tragedies I was stuck with, I really don’t know which ones to give a 2nd chance. Books like Lord of the Flies probably wouldn’t be read again.

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      2. I think with a book as large as Les Mis it can definitely help to have a bit of background knowledge. Otherwise though I prefer to go in blind when it comes to reading, and I would prefer to read the book before watching an adaptation. I remember being so eager to watch Silver Linings Playbook but I refused to allow myself until I had read the book because that’s just my preferred approach as a general rule.

        I can’t wait to get further into Les Mis so that I can appreciate some of the elements you are referring to, your thoughts have definitely made me inpatient to get back to it later!

        Reading when told to in school can definitely run the risk of a negative opinion on a book. I found that with a few titles I read simply because I was told to and even now I feel reluctant to pick them up for a reread.


      3. Les Mis has themes of hope, love, forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption- they can be hard to find, but if you look deeper, you will find them

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